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Had a blast playing this, the art style and concept are brilliant. I was filled with the simple joy of goblin existence and the fortunes befalling them. Amazing work!

May your hoard grow ever larger.

I love this so much, these cards are so imaginative!

Cosmic goblin tarot? Ultimate aesthetic. Amazed by how many cards there turned out be be. Loved it!

Nice! You've created an impressive amount of cards, I don't even think I found them all!

Thank you! If you want to read all the card descriptions without relying on luck of the draw, you can download the free PDF and nose through that!

Oh my gosh this is great! I love that you made your own tarot, and the fact that it's goblin themed is even better!!!!


Wow, thank you very much! I'm just out here manifesting the Goblin Energy™ we all Need and Deserve in 2019.

This is amazing! I love all these goblin cards

Thank you  for the kind words!

this is so freakin cool! and the goblin is adorable :3

Gosh, thank you so much!

[draws The Dungeon] helllllll yeah Bitsy Commune



I love this! All the Goblin cards are incredible!

Thank you very much!